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6 Tips to Encourage Great Teachers


A wise quotation from Henry Brooks-Adams states, ‘A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops’. Teaching is a noble profession which affects all other professions. All other professions exist as a result of good teaching. The future of any nation depends on teachers. They are the cornerstone of a society. On any given day a teacher can be a counselor, a judge, mother or father, a provider and anything that any particular child desires him or her to be Realizing the vital role that teachers play each day, it is important for teachers to be reminded of a few things to make their jobs more profitable and meaningful. Here are a few tips for teachers to follow as the go from day to day. Teachers may already be aware of some of these tips but a gentle reminder is always good.

  1. Plan for your class

As the saying goes: ‘If you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail’. Planning for the class is vital. Spend time writing your lesson plans including activities for all types of learners. It is important to not just write plans but to plan the other activities also For example, if there is a dramatic activity that is included in the plan, you should plan ahead of time how the dramatic presentation will go. Proper planning is important. It can either make or break your lesson. So plan carefully and thoroughly.

  1. Be firm from the start.

Students ‘read’ the signals that teachers send from the moment he or she enters the classroom on the first day. They are so smart, they can tell which teacher they can wrap around their little fingers and which ones they never dare mess around with So, teachers, one tip for you is that you be very firm from the start. Know what you want to achieve and state it clearly. Lay down your rules and share these rules with them. When the students know what you stand for and what you will not tolerate they will know their boundaries.

  1. Manage your classroom.

Another tip for teachers is that you manage your classroom well Classroom management is important as it enhances the teaching/ learning process. A teacher who allows the class to do as they please will not achieve their objectives at the end of the day, and if no improvement is made over the course of the year, there will be failure on the part of the teacher and the pupils. The teacher needs to control the learning environment through discipline of the pupils, proper planning and execution of the lessons, and a visually appealing classroom.

  1. Punctuality

Teachers are always emphasizing the importance of punctuality in pupils, but it is even more important for the teacher to be early for school. When the teacher is punctual he or she has time to prepare for the pupils, and when the pupils see the teacher at his or her place they are more settled. The teacher is less flustered and more relaxed when he or she is punctual.

  1. Attend school regularly.

Regular attendance of teachers gives pupils stability. They will come to know that teacher will be there when they get to school and feel a sense of confidence and trust in the teacher. They will make a special attempt to attend school regularly as they anticipate the next set of lessons the teacher has in store for them. If the teacher is frequently absent it will break and hinder the teaching/learning process and will contribute to disciplinary problems.

  1. Have frequent parent/teacher conferences

Frequent interactions with parents are an important tip for teachers to follow. Parents can get feedback from the teacher about the child’s performance academically and in other areas of his or her school life. A conference of that nature helps the teacher to learn about the child from his or her parents and the parents will learn what type of child he or she is at school. The teacher can also give the parents tips to help the child at home. These six tips for teachers should help to steer them in the right direction as they chart the way forward to educate the nation’s children and create a brighter future.

How to become a good teacher


This article is going to discuss some ways that can make an individual to be a great teacher. Most people have great respect for the teaching profession as teaching is regarded by many as a noble profession. First of all before you dream and think of being a great teacher you ought to ask yourself if really you have a great interest in teaching as a profession. This means that you must first of all from the bottom of your heart like and enjoy teaching.

Your attitude towards the teaching profession is very important and it is the key to whether you are going to be successful as a teacher or not Sincerely speaking most people find job satisfaction in what they enjoying doing most Hence if you love teaching you are going to find it interesting and you are likely going to be successful as a teacher. Secondly, as a teacher your are supposed to be a role model and you must set a good example yourself for your students to emulate.

The students are likely to develop high sense of trust in a teacher whom they feel and think that he or she is worth emulating from the manner in which the teacher carries he or or herself in from of his or her pupil. This means that a teacher is likely to successful or great in his or her teaching career if is worth emulating or is setting a good example to his or her students. For a teacher to be successful and be great in his or her teaching career; the teacher should be firm, fair and consistent in his or her decisions. For instance the teacher should be fair and just when administering punishments and be very much consistent in future when dealing with similar punishments.

The teacher should also en devour to develop an understanding of his of her students so as to create a bond and a good relationship between them. This will help both the teacher and the students to be compassionate to each other and this will result into a good working relationship between the two groups. It is also important for a teacher to be great and successful; the teacher must be committed to his or her work.ln fact commitment is the key to any work in this world and teachers are no exemptions. A teacher must be committed to his or her work at whatever cost for good results and performance of the students. From the above discussion we have seen that a for a teacher to be a great teacher in the teaching profession he or she must be committed, consistent,firrn, role model, disciplined, professionally upright, understanding, and have positive attitude towards teaching




Belly fat has been established that it can be very fatal to your health. Studies have shown that Belly fat can cause dementia, stroke and heart disease. Yet, most people find themselves one time or the other having a belly fat. Many people with belly fat want the fastest ways of getting rid of it. So if you find yourself with belly fat, what are the options of getting rid of it? It is imperative to choose a healthy way of getting rid of the fat. Eating the right kind of foods will help to detox the body and clean the liver. This way, the foods boost your body metabolism thus targeting the belly fat. There are many fat burning foods and spices which are readily available. The following are some of the home remedies one can use to burn belly fat fast and healthy.


This healthy drink not cleanses the liver but also helps having a better digestion. Lemons which are full of pectin help one to feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Honey is known to have so many health benefits from glowing skin. It is recommended to take this drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait for 30 minutes before eating anything. Combining this drink with exercises such as lunges helps in getting rid of belly fat pretty fast.


A diet of lean meat is key to loosing stomach fat. Animal proteins are more thermionic than vegetable proteins. Just by eating lean meat, 30% of the calories in the meat are burnt through digestion. It is advisable to include a lean protein at dinner so that more calories can be burnt through digestion especially when we are resting as our body metabolism is slower.


Most people find this surprising and ask how oil can be associated with loosing belly fat fast. Well, coconut oil is healthier and it is thermionic and burns fat. Coconut oil is classified as one of the good oils. Studies indicate since it belongs to medium chain fatty acids, when compared to other calories in other fats, it helps in making you feel fuller. So substitute that oil for coconut oil as it will make you lose that belly fat fast and make you healthier because of its many health benefit.


Peppers are known to be full of thermionic effects. They increase the body heat production thus using more energy which leads to burning belly fat. To achieve faster result using cayenne combine it with cranberry juice which is rich in organic acids that help in emulsifying stubborn fats . This combination gives you result in 2 weeks.


The above are just some of the fastest home remedies in combating belly fat. Although attitude and developing healthy eating habits are best in ensuring that you don’t get a belly fat. Exercising and getting adequate sleep also ensures in one being healthy and belly fat free.